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"Humanistic psychology is founded on a dedication to the wholeness of human life, a conviction that life has greater potential than has yet been realized, and an openness to a wide range of observations, methods, and practices. In this perspective we draw humility, challenge, and encouragement from the realization of how much about human beings is yet unknown. Commitment, struggle, successes and failures, and a continually receding frontier await those who would join us."  - James F. T. Bugental, 1992

Written Works

  • Search for Existential Identity (Copyright 1976 Jossey-Bass Publishers)
  • Search for Authenticity (Copyright 1981 Irvington publishers, Copyright 1965 Rinehart & Winston, Inc.)
  • Psychotherapy and Process (Copyright 1978 Addison-Wesley)
  • Art of the Psychotherapist (Copyright 1987 Norton Publishing)
  • Intimate Journeys (Copyright 1990 Jossey Bass Publishers)
  • Psychotherapy isn’t what you think (Copyright 1999 Zeig, Tucker and Thiesen)
  • Process of Communication
  • The Human Possibility
  • Psychological Interviewing (Copyright 1967 McGraw Hill)
  • Challenges of Humanistic Psychology (editor)

Chapters in books:
  • Handbook of Humanistic Psychology
  • Readings in Humanistic Psychology
  • Existential Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Thinking Allowed

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Chapters & Special Papers
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Co-authored Books
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